If you sold us something, you managed to turn a product you weren’t using into CASH you will use.  That’s pretty smart.


If you bought something from us, you got quality goods for a lot less money than you would have paid at a retail store.  Also smart.


If you make New2You a habit, part of your lifestyle, then you’re REALLY, REALLY smart.  Say you’re looking to buy a set of dumbbells.  You stop by New2You first to see if we have some.  If we do, you might save $100.  If we don’t, then you go out and buy them at retail anyway. It costs you nothing to check and it’s just plain smart.  If you make that sort of thing a habit — always checking with New2You before paying retail — you could save thousands of dollars a year.


You make New2You a habit and you’re always either getting money or saving money.  Can you believe there are some people who don’t?  That’s why YOU’RE SMARTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE.  (Or, at least, everyone who isn’t a New2You regular like you…)

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