Need a little extra cash this week? Don’t think you’ll be suddenly rich next week?



You need a way out.


Sell some stuff to us. You’ll see the difference.


Payday loan companies might lend you $100. Two weeks later (on “payday”) you give them $120. If you don’t have the $120, they’ll extend the loan. You just pay them the $20 and let it ride. Next payday, you STILL OWE THEM $120! If you don’t have it, no problem, just pay the $20 again and keep the juice running. A few months from now, you’ll have borrowed $100, paid back $120, and STILL OWE THEM $120! That’s the black-hole of payday loans. They suck you in; you never get out. A terrible credit card will jam you up for 20% per year. A payday loan place will hit you for 20% every TWO WEEKS. That’s 520% per year!

On the other hand…

You need $100. You bring some stuff to New2You and we hand you cash. There. Done.


I’m not saying it’s painless, but at least it’s quick. You might miss your Nintendo Wii or your Fender Stratocaster. Then again, you might not. You certainly won’t miss the broken gold jewellery you weren’t wearing, or the Super Nintendo you weren’t playing. There’s money in your basement, in your attic, and on the shelves of your den. It might not be the best answer for everybody, every time, but it beats the heck out of a payday loan… every time.

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