“In the event of a defect in an item purchased at our store, New2You will repair, replace or refund the item (at our discretion). The item must be returned within 30 days of purchase and must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt.”


Special conditions apply to the following products:


CD’s, DVD’s and VHS tapes are warranted for exchange only.


Video game consoles, games and accessories are exchange only.


Jewellery is exchange only.

All speakers are final sale and carry no warranty of any kind.


All car audio is final sale and carries no warranty of any kind.



The vast majority of the stuff we sell comes with the security of a 30-Day warranty. If the thing doesn’t work, bring it back and we’ll make it right. Maybe we can fix the one you bought, maybe we have another one and we can just swap it out for you. Maybe we’ll just hand you back your cash or a store credit note. One way or another, if we sold you a dud, we’ll make it right. We test the stuff we buy and sell, so we don’t see very many returns. When something does go wrong, we try hard to make you happy. We’re interested in making sure you get full value from your New2You purchase, because we’re very interested in having you come back and make another purchase.




There are items that aren’t covered by our warranty, or items that are covered for exchange only. Here’s why:


Speakers. We’ll test them out for you here in the store. You can listen to them for as long as you like, but once they leave the building, we don’t cover them. This is because it’s really easy to turn your stereo up really loud and blow your speakers. This isn’t our fault, so we aren’t paying for it. If you buy speakers, take care of them — we won’t be buying you another set if you blow them up.


Car Audio is also really easy to blow up. We’ll run the stuff in the store for you ’til your heart’s content, but once it leaves, we don’t cover it. New2You highly recommends that you have a professional install all your car audio equipment. No, your cousin who used to work at Future Shop doesn’t count – use a real professional, with a real automotive or electronics diploma.


CDs, movies, and video games are great fun, but they’re also commonly “rented”. People take CDs home and copy them, then bring them back. Kids play a video game until they’re bored of it, then try to return it. I wish it didn’t happen, but it happens. Since it does happen that way (some times), we only offer an exchange on this stuff, rather than cash back. And no, this doesn’t mean that you’re ALLOWED to borrow stuff and then bring it back when you’re bored with it.


Jewellery carries an exchange warranty too. We test all our jewellery. All of it. We know the gold is gold and the diamonds are diamonds. So, what’s to warranty? Well, often jewellery is purchased as a gift. We all know that the man buying the ring might not have the same taste in jewellery as the lady receiving the ring. Maybe she’d prefer white gold over yellow, or emeralds over rubies. Maybe she’d rather have a bracelet than a pendant. We understand. It’s for this reason that we offer an exchange on jewellery. If you buy a piece of jewellery from us and decide (or find out) that it just isn’t quite what you needed, we’ll let you bring it back and swap it out for something a little more your style.



Although New2You is primarily a second-hand goods store, we do carry some new stuff. If you buy something from us that is brand new and want to bring it back to us, you must bring it back in BRAND NEW condition. You can’t take a shiny new gold necklace home and then bring it back scratched and dented for exchange. We won’t do it. If the piece isn’t in the same condition as when it left our store, we won’t be able to re-sell it for the same amount, so we won’t give you back the credit for it. The same goes for the brand new guitars we sell, or any other new items. One of the guiding philosophies of our store is that used products sell for less than brand new ones. So, if you turn a new product into a used one, you can’t expect it to be worth the same amount as when you bought it.



Try not to break stuff. We warranty our products against defects in the product. We don’t guarantee that the stuff we sell is unbreakable or indestructible. Don’t drop your TV down the stairs or pull your bracelet apart and expect us to replace it for you. If this stuff was indestructible, they’d make tanks and bullet-proof vests out of it. Take care of your stuff. If you plug in your electric guitar and the pick-ups don’t work — that’s on us. If you snap the neck off your guitar — that’s on you.


It’s also a good idea to only use things for their intended purpose. You can’t use your home amplifier to run the bass box from your car. Car speakers operate at 4ohms and your home stereo is 8ohms. The net result is that you’ll fry your stereo. If you do something like this, don’t come crying to me. Don’t buy a 9.6v home handyman drill and use it to drill through concrete — that’s what 24v contractor-grade hammer drills are for. Use your head.

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