New2You means Jewellery. We have the ABSOLUTE BEST Jewellery prices in Hamilton — Bar None! When it comes to expensive, appraisal Jewellery, we use a simple formula: we sell for HALF what the other guys do. Half.



We take our biggest pieces to an independent appraiser who tells us what the piece would sell for in a jewellery store. Not what the store would say it “appraised at”, but what the piece would actually sell for. We cut that number in half. It’s that simple. We charge you one half of what the mall would charge you on all our beautiful appraisal jewellery.

That means you save one dollar for every dollar you spend. Or, spend the same, and get twice the value. Either way you’ll get your jewellery for half the appraised value — and we’ll give you the appraisal to prove it.



While most of the retail jewellers use just a regular gemologist, we use a G.I.A and C.G.A accredited Certified Master Valuer for all our appraisals. That means we back our amazing low prices up with the best appraisal money can buy — not that you have to. We throw in the appraisal for free with all of our appraisal jewellery, saving you even more money.



And if you think the savings on appraisal jewellery are amazing, just wait until you see our price on the un-appraised stuff. We don’t even appraise the smaller diamonds and coloured stones. This means, in order to be absolutely sure we’re giving you a great deal, we price these pieces incredibly low. I’ve seen 1 and 2 point diamond rings on the web sites of some national chain stores for as much as $199. We’ve had 1 and 2 point diamond rings for $19 and $29. There is no comparison. When it comes to the less-expensive pieces, nobody comes close to our low prices. Check us out and see.



On gold chains and bracelets, our price is again the lowest in town. Most of our previously-enjoyed pieces are priced at or below wholesale cost. It would be impossible for the retail jewelers to give you such a great deal.  Piece for piece, we have the best price, period.



Here’s another thing we do for you that the big-name stores don’t: We Buy Your Stuff. Looking at buying an engagement ring that’s a little out of your price range? Bring in your old electric guitar, Xbox 360 or even scrap gold and we’ll give you cash toward your purchase. Bored of your old ring and want a new one? Trade it in and we’ll give you cash. Try that at the mall.



Every time you spend $100 or more on Jewellery, we’ll hand you a $10 gift certificate.  Spend $368, get $30 back.  Spend $526, get $50.  Each whole hundred gets you a $10 gift certificate that you can use for anything in the store, any time.  Buy yourself a ring and use the gift certificates to buy video games for the kids.  Heck, give the cards to the kids and let them pick their own.  Some smart shoppers have even hoarded their certificates and bought other pieces of jewellery entirely on their Jewellery Club gifts.



Here’s something else to sweeten the pot. Every now and then, whether or not there’s a sale on, our jewellery staff might just cut you an even better deal. Pay in cash and the salesperson might save you an additional 5%, 10% or even 15% off our already ultra-low prices. Not because of some big “pay no TAX” event, not because it’s mother’s day, just because. Not every time, and not on every piece, but often enough — and for no reason other than we like you. A price that’s already the lowest in town will just get 5%, 10% or even 15% lower when you offer to pay in cash.



Hamilton’s best deal in jewellery — bar none.

351 Main Street East, Hamilton, ON, Canada L8N 1J4


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