The whole reason New2You is open is to give people a place to get great stuff for a great price. That’s what we do, plain and simple. Money is important. If you’re rich, you want to stay that way. If you’re not, you’d probably like to get that way. A great way to keep your money in your pocket is to shop at New2You. We sell stuff for less money, lot’s less. We’re usually at (or around) half the price you’d pay in retail stores. That’s right, HALF. We’re not talking about saving  5% here, we’re talking HALF PRICE.



Sure, we aim for about half of retail, but that’s hardly set in stone. Sometimes we price stuff even lower. We’ve sold a $4000 treadmill for $1000. We’ve sold a $2300 Snap-On tool chest for $550. We’ve had a $560 Citation Parts Washer on our floor for $99 (it might even still be here, it’s hung around for over a year).

Some items need a certain price point. Some items are lower-demand or are trade-specific. Sometimes we just want to give you an even better price. Sometimes (rarely) we just have no idea what something is worth and end up guessing too low. Whatever the reason, our loss is your gain.


By the same token, there will be things that are priced above half of the retail price. High-demand items (like video-game consoles and iPads) will carry a bigger price tag due to the “Law of Supply and Demand”. Also, sometimes, we’re just plain out-to-lunch. Maybe the item listed for $400 new a month ago (when we bought it), so we priced it a $200 —- but now it’s on sale for $229 new. Maybe our price is just plain wrong. If this is the case, tell us. We might just change the price for you, on the spot.



Great price means nothing if products aren’t great too. That’s why we warranty the stuff we sell. We offer a 30-Day warranty on almost everything we sell, so you can feel confident that what you’re buying is good gear that’s going to get the job done. Even the stuff we don’t warranty (speakers and car audio) is tested in the store for you so that you know you’re buying good, working equipment.



What it all boils down to is this: New2You wants to give you great stuff at a great price. We want to make sure that we’re offering you a genuine “deal”, rather than a “discount”. It’s not about shaving a few percentage points off a price; it’s about making sure every product we sell represents good value to you, the customer. We want you to spend your money here, but we also want to be absolutely sure that there’s no better place for you to spend your money.

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