We all know the Three R’s: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. Most of us have a blue bin for our pop cans and water bottles. We recycle. Most of us have started to turn off lights when we leave a room and to drive our cars less. We’ve reduced. But how about Re-using? Here are some simple (and not-so-simple) facts about what New2You does for the environment.



We buy about half a million dollars worth of used gear every year. That’s half a million dollars worth of things that aren’t going into a landfill. Half a million dollars represents a lot of stuff. But there’s more…

We buy stuff for about one quarter of the current retail price. That means that the half-million dollars in gear we buy is really more like two million dollars worth of stuff.

Then you factor in depreciation: we sell cds for one dollar, but the original cost was more like sixteen dollars. Similar price drops happen with old video games, old movies, and older technology. A two-megapixel digital camera is only worth about twenty dollars now, but it was probably three hundred dollars back when it first came out. If you consider this fact, New2You probably saves something like three million dollars worth of product from going into landfills… every year.



Every used product we sell means one less new product has to be purchased. Selling nearly a million dollars in used stuff every year means nearly two million dollars worth of brand new products that don’t have to be bought. That’s two million dollars worth of stuff that doesn’t have to get manufactured or shipped. That’s less manufacturing waste and pollution from production and less carbon output in transporting new goods to market.



That’s THREE MILLION from buying and another TWO MILLION from selling. That’s a FIVE MILLION DOLLAR positive impact on the environment every year. We’re not just preserving old Fender Stratocasters, Marantz amplifiers and Super Mario games for future generations; we’re preserving the planet.

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