LCD’S and LED’s are HOT!

Bring us your flat panel TVs and get instant CASH!


Tube TV’s, on the other hand, are not.

Come on down and buy one from us… cheap.


WE LOVE iPODS! Bring us your iPod.  No, seriously, bring it.  Right now.  I have CASH waiting for you.



Need a TV? How about a stereo? How about some new speakers? New2You sells all kinds of electronic equipment. We buy and sell DVD players, Blu-Rays, VCR’s, CD players, tape decks, tuners, equalizers, power amps, pre-amps, turntables, and speakers. Basically, we’ve got all your audio/video needs covered.  We even carry speaker wire, rca cables, DVI and HDMI cables, s-video, co-axial, and optical cables.

In other words, we’ll hook you up. Every once in a while we have something really special — like high-end, audiophile components or vintage tube amps.  And just like with everything else we sell, the prices are always great.


Of course, in order to sell all this great stuff, we have to buy it first.  So if you have a stereo receiver, power amp, or set of quality speakers you’re looking to sell, please bring them on down.  The same goes for television sets (especially LCD and Plasma screens).  Bring in good stuff, leave with money (it’s much easier to carry).  We pride ourselves on turning your quality gear into cold, hard cash.

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