We're buying tons of stuff.


We buy diamonds and gold, blu-ray movies,  TVs, iPads, retro video games, stereo receivers, speakers, car audio, musical instruments, current video games and game systems, and power tools. We buy full computer systems (computer, keyboard, monitor and mouse). We buy SILVER platters, tea sets and silverware. We buy motorized treadmills. We’ll buy your Bowflex. We buy compound bows and crossbows. We buy foosball and air-hockey tables. We buy lawnmowers (in March, April or May) and snowblowers (in November and December). We buy chainsaws. We buy DJ power amps and mixers. In short, we buy stuff — tons of stuff.


The list of what we’ll buy is pretty long. In fact, it would take less time to list the “Things we don’t buy”. If you’re stuff isn’t on that list, there’s a decent chance I’d buy it. Still, some stuff bears special mention:






These are our current TOP 10 THINGS WE WANT TO BUY !


LED, LCD and Plasma televisions.


Tablets — iPads, Galaxy Tabs and other NAME BRAND tablets.


Retro Games — NES, SNES and N64 are back in a big way.  Same with Pokemon and Zelda for the Gameboy.


Electric guitars. Guitars, guitar amps, guitar petals — we love it all.


iPods. We can’t get enough of these things. (Just remember to bring the usb cable in with it).


Video game consoles. XBOX One, PS4 and Nintendo Wii U may be our favorites, but we’ll still buy the original Nintendo (NES) and Super Nintedo (SNES), XBOX 360, PS3, Wii…


Men’s gold chains and bracelets. Sure, we buy and sell gold and platinum jewellery for both genders, but the thick, heavy men’s chains and bracelets seem to sell the fastest.


Powerful car amplifiers. Good name stuff with lots of power is always in demand. Even in the winter, when it’s not really car-audio season, we want this stuff. While you’re at it, bring in the sub box it was running. We love the good-name speakers too.


Laptops. The more modern, the better. Make sure the battery is charged, then bring it in.


Stihl quick-cut concrete saws. The TS-350 and TS-400 are always welcome. Make sure there’s gas in it, so we can see it running.





Broken Jewellery. We’ll buy gold chains, rings, bracelets and other genuine gold jewellery even if they’ve been smashed by a hammer or run over by a car. As long as it’s gold, we’ll buy it.


Neon beer signs. Molson Canadian, Budweiser, Beck’s, Alexander Keith’s, even good ol’ Moosehead. For less fancy stuff like Coca-Cola clocks and Lava Lamps we’ll pay less money, but we’ll buy most of your fun and kitschy lighting and bar signs. They might look good in someone else’s basement.


Swords, axes, spears, shields, and other medieval weaponry (replica or real). We’ve also had a few bayonets and a couple replica firearms.


Pocket watches. Gold pocket watches and genuine railroad watches still carry some value and we’re always happy to take a look at one.


Old video games. We’re not in love with the Sega Genesis, but we’d buy one. We’re definitely interested in the Original Nintendo, the N64, the Atari, the Intellivision, the Coleco-Vision or the Dreamcast if they’re in good working condition.


Pre-1967  dimes and quarters.  Yeah, just regular Canadian money.  You see, all of our “silver” money used to actually be made with silver.  It’s worth something.  Dig ‘em up and bring ‘em in.  Oh, and don’t forget you silver dollars.  Love those too.





We don’t usually buy toys, knick-knacks, or collectibles but one time somebody brought us a big box of model railroad buildings and railcars. Another time, someone brought us 200 Beenie Babies. I bought an entire 100-piece collection of KISS action figures and bobble-heads. I’ve purchased entire collections of 1:18 scale die-cast model cars. So, even if it’s not the kind of item we normally buy, I might buy it if there’s enough to make a section or display in my store. Call us first on these kinds of things.


Housewares are tough to deal with. Basically, if it goes near the kitchen, people are hesitant to buy it second-hand. Because of this, we pay very little for things like coffee-makers, microwaves, juicers, food processors and the like. Products of this sort have to be absolutely clean and cosmetically attractive, but we do still buy them. On the other hand, we don’t buy any bathroom or personal grooming products at all. Hey, you gotta draw the line somewhere.

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